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We believe in the power of great ideas and that these ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat.

We continually adapt through the shifting economic landscape. We use data and community feedback to guide our course.


The Keyholder committee team serves as an onboarding team, welcoming and assisting new members in getting involved. Keyholder promote & provide assistance at events, ribbon cuttings, and community outreach – creating positive first impressions on behalf of the Perdido Area Chamber and the community we serve!

Chair: Cheryl Bamonte, UPS Store at Blue Angel Pkwy

Co-Chair: Sally Bowen, Sally’s Island Catering

Meeting Time

Second Friday of every month @ 7:30 AM

Primary Goals and Activities:

  • Educate Current and new members about member benefits and business opportunities through onboarding mentorship/adopt a member.
  • Participate in Member retention in quarterly check-in campaigns.
  • Attend and Assist chamber hosted event such as ribbon cuttings and chamber hosted events.
  • Promote Chamber event through social media and other networking channels.
  • Record activity to be in drawing for monthly rewards and Ambassador of the Year awards
  • Provide Committee must provide one at-large non-board member for nominating a committee to meet in October.
The Keyholders met on Friday, September 13, 2019, at 7:30 AM at the Island epicurean Breakfast Club.

In Attendance: Sally Bowen, Crystal Silins, Beth Clark, Tammi Maldonado, Lou Maldonado, Bill Stromquist, Bill Short, Judy Smith, Brittany Barnett – Staff: LeAnn Shepard, Dana Pagador

The Keyholders & Guests met at the Island Epicurean Breakfast Club. The list of events and new members were passed to everyone in attendance. Cheryl went over the purpose of the Keyholders because there were several new faces. They touched briefly on the point system. The different events were explained, and they talked about each one. Cheryl, Dana and LeAnn explained the events and how the Keyholders would have a role and what would be expected and what is needed at the events. We also encouraged the new attendees to become committee members and talked about the different committees and how it is important to support the Chamber by joining the committees!

The new members were then assigned to a Keyholder and we explained what was expected when mentoring a new member.

Dana announced the September Keyholder of the month who is Judy Smith with Emmanuel, Sheppard and Condon. Judy is always at our events and we are so happy she is part of our Keyholder group!

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Friday, November 8, 2019, at 7:30 am at the Pensacola Dog Track.


Works in partnership with our local leadership, public entities, and nonprofits to support the community as a whole. Advocating for the vitality of the local business, preserving the quality of life, campaigning for safety, and educating about our fragile wildlife and ecosystem. All helping to achieve the goal of community development.

Chair: Penny Esworthy, Community Member

Co-Chair: TBD

Meeting Time

Last Wednesday of every month @ 9:00 AM

Primary Goals and Activities:

  • Assisting and ensuring in the Perdido Key Master Plan Progression.
  • Educating all businesses, residents, and visitors about the Perdido Habitat Conversation Plan introduced by the Florida Fish and Wildlife agency.
  • Advocating for safety including better crosswalks and the development of the Multi-Use Path.
The Community Affairs (Previously Advocacy) Committee met on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, at 9:00 am in the PKACC Conference Room.
Penny provided an update on the Escambia BOCC meetings, which took place August 1 and August 15, 2019. Discussion of the elimination of the current 4-cent gasoline tax in Escambia County was the main topic amongst the Commissioners during the August meetings. It was determined that more information was required regarding the impact, cost and use of the bus transit system was needed during the August meetings. Research and information was requested from the appropriate C county staff. The Road Swap vote amongst the BOCC will take place at the BOCC meeting on 9/5. Ratification on this vote would make 292 on Perdido Key a County road and 2.5 miles of Beulah Road from Mobile Hwy. to Isaacs Lane Beulah would be transferred to state control.
This information is relevant to the Committee’s objective related to area safety concerns and the progress of the Perdido Key Master Plan.
The next BOCC meeting will be held on September 5. Dana stated that the Chamber President would make a public comment representing the Chamber at the meeting regarding safety in the area; the meeting begins at 5:30. Committee members agreed to support and attend.
It was agreed that the Advocacy Committee would change its name to reflect its mission to Perdido Area Community Affairs (PKAC).
Dana gave an overview on Preservation Park and confirmed that funding support from Escambia Co. would not be provided. The Park is expected to cost a minimum of $20,000 at a high level if the windmill, water filling and bike stations are constructed as services provided to visitors and the community. It was suggested by Annie that Marina of ZPD could assist in high-level drawings of the Park. It will be arranged that she meet with Dana to provide conceptual drawings of the Park at no expense.
The Chamber’s building lease at current location expired and has continued to be renewed on a monthly basis. The Chamber’s lease is an Agenda item on the 9/15 BOCC meeting. The Chamber‘s objective is to obtain a long-term lease on the building through the Commissioners as had been negotiated in prior years. All committee members are encouraged to attend for support in order to secure the lease on a long-term basis.
Discussion of golf carts (motorized and gasoline) on PK planned bike paths specifically the Multi Use Path was discussed as a follow up item. It was agreed that carts should be prohibited and signage would suffice to deter carts until rules could be defined and enforced. Charles agreed to follow up on the definition on “motorized” with appropriate sources.
Charles provided a summary of current issues on Key and status’ regarding activities supported by PKA. Installation of a traffic signal will begin in Sept. 2019; this will include installation of a full traffic signal at the Flora Bama location. This project is expected to improve overall safety in the area for both pedestrians and drivers. The International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICC) sponsored by PKA will be from 8am until noon. Volunteers should meet at Perdido Key State Park West Use area to receive beach area assignments.
PK Chamber and Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival will sponsor “Songwriters at Sunset on Friday, September 6, 2019 at Lost Key Beach Club. The event begins at 6pm, tickets and may be purchased online.
The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Wednesday, September 25, 2019, at 9:00 am at the PKACC office. 


The Business & Economic Development committee actively supports member businesses by promoting the Chamber’s core mission.

Promote progressive leadership in commerce for a dynamic and prosperous community in the Perdido Area. The Perdido Key Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to endorsing the Perdido Area’s growth of regional businesses and community prosperity through Advocacy, leadership, economic development, education and associations across state lines.

Chair: Bill Short, AM-PRES Corporation

Co-Chair: TBD

Meeting Time

Third Thursday of every month @ 9:00 AM

Primary Goals and Activities:

  • Support the core member base of our Chamber.
  • Provide educational benefits by hosting workforce training and networking opportunities.
  • Develops and coordinates special events directly impacting local economy.
  • Committee must provide one at-large Non-board member for Nominating committee to meet in October.
The Business & Economic Development committee met on Thursday, August 15, 2019, at 8:30 am in the PKACC conference room. 
The committee went over and approved a new meeting outline and committee goals and purpose sheet. The following was reviewed and approved:
  • Approved Name Change
  • Approved Committee Purpose
  • Approved Committee Primary Goals and Activates
  • Approved Committee Members Time Commitment
  • Approved Meeting Time Change to 9 AM and Meetings to be conducted the Third Thursday of Every Month.
  • Approved Meeting Action Items Format
A Selection of the Committee Co-Chair was not completed.
September 24 “Early Riser Breakfast” discussed, New Start Time of 8:30 AM was approved.
Dee Marie Fisher, Event Chair of the 2019 Perdido Shop Hop went over the details of the planning of this year’s event. Everything is going as planned thus in the Current Project Overview. Some things that are needed now is assistance with finding sponsors to participate in the event. The current sponsorship levels are available at the chamber, interested participants can also contact Dee for more information. Sample handouts and passport layouts were reviewed by the committee- simple changes are being made. 
The Perdido SCORE chapter, is moving forward. Many upgrades to the SCORE software will start after the first of the year. SCORE is always looking for more mentors, especially in specialized areas. If you or someone you know is interested in being a mentor, please contact Jo Ann at
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 19, 2019, at 9:00 am at the Chamber office. 


Being the Cradle of Naval Aviation since 1913, our economy relies heavily on military members and their families within our community. Our committee focuses on inclusion, appreciation and giving back to those who have served and to make the Perdido Area a desirable community for military families to live, work, and play.

Chair: Erin Wilmer, Edward Jones Financial Advisor

Co-Chair: TBD

Meeting Time

Last Tuesday of every month @ 4:30 PM

Primary Goals and Activities:

  • Bridge the Gap between military families and the local business community by providing resources to incoming families and assisting veteran entrepreneurs.
  • Educate the community on the importance of the military history of the Perdido Area.
  • Support, empower and appreciate the military veterans and their families through events.
The Military Committee did not meet this month.
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at the Edward Jones Office on Sorrento Road. 


The Membership & Marketing Committee will actively seek and explore methods for promoting member businesses, growing core member base, and evaluate chamber branding strategies including the annual area guide. The committee will assess & evaluate content and frequency to propose or revise marketing plans/tools to build and drive value to chamber events and programs. They will also participate in the recruitment of volunteers and provide introductions to prospective members to join the chamber or sponsor a valued event.

Chair: Judy Davis, Perdido Key Sports Bar & Perdido Key Souvenirs

Co-Chair: Vicky Chandler, Perdido Pack & Ship

Meeting Time

Fourth Friday of every month @ 8:30 AM

Primary Goals and Activities:

  • Growing the core member base of our Chamber.
  • Help provide content, imagery and proof read annual guide.
  • Social Sharing: Share other member’s good news with the chamber when seen and share the chambers good news with other members.
  • Help evaluate branding and promo items for chamber.
  • Educate and share Member benefits by hosting membership drives and campaigns.
    • Chamber provides list of dropped members, prospects, and social media leads.
  • Committee must provide one at-large Non-board member for Nominating committee to meet in October.
The Membership and Marketing Committee met on Friday, August 16, 2019, and Friday August 30, 2019, at 8:30 am at the PKACC Conference Room. 
The committee decided to meet twice during the month of August to complete action items from July. On August 16th, the committee took the current chamber membership list and divided it amongst the group. Committee members were tasked with reaching out and asking the members why they chose to be members of the chamber and why they continue being members. 
The committee met again on Friday, August 30th to discuss their research findings. The concluded that there were two major reasons of members joining the chamber that seemed to trump all others. They could be classified into (1) Support for the Perdido Area Community and (2) To utilize chamber resources to grow their business. The committee also concluded after further discussion that they could separate further the reasons for joining with the type of membership they had. For instance, a larger business or corporation tended to be members for the purpose of community support while the smaller businesses tended to join the chamber to grow their business. 
The committee also discussed current member appreciation and new member outreach activities that can be used to attract new members and show great appreciation to our current members in the peak of the chamber 35th anniversary celebrations. 
The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Friday, September 27, 2019, at 8:30 am at the PKACC office.